Thanks I have asked the question when and where I am able to see the movie Alison in JHB. We are currently staying in Bassonia South, Alberton but there are no theatres advertising the movie. What a pity. Years ago in 1989 I was raped by 2 of my school friends and I saw Alison at Old Mutual, Pinelands when she had a talk in 1991/1992 - she is truely an inspiration. I lend my book to somebody and sadly never received it back - will definitely buy the book again. That is why I would so love to see this movie. thank you Alison for standing up and believing. You are a true woman of beliefs and I admire you. Tania

alisonthemovie responded on 08/31/2016

Thank you so much for reaching out Tania and for sharing your story. I am so sorry to hear but it means the world to me to know i could offer some comfort. Our film is now off circuit but there will be a special Bioscope run for 16 days of activism from 25 November - 10 December.
It will also be available on BoxOffice and on DVD end of November / early December.

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